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Off-Topic / We pulled the trigger today!!
October 29, 2012, 08:55:37 PM
Racing Dreamz officially submitted an offer to purchase the 95 acre property here in Elizabethton, Tn., to be the Racing Dreamz Youth Complex. So, wish us luck. We hope the seller will accept our offer. 8)
Off-Topic / Racing Dreamz and KandiUSA Agreement
September 27, 2012, 08:23:52 PM
It's official, Racing Dreamz has teamed up with Kandi USA.  Racing Dreamz will be a reseller/drop shipper for the KD-150 GKM-2 model mini SxS buggy.  Racing Dreamz will offer this model for $2,250 with free shipping to your location(lower 48 states please).  Along with the free shipping, with each purchase your will receive free Entry fee's to the Racing Dreamz Youth Mini SxS racing series($50 value), 1 free track day per month(Feb-Nov)($40 value).   

All profits from each sale will go exclusively to the Racing Dreamz Track Complex Fund.  This fund is set up solely for the purchase of the 95 acre tract that will house the Corporate Office, the Bill Ross Off Road Program track(2+ mile off road course), the Todd Murray Sprint Kart Program track(1/2 mile D-Oval w/1 mile infield road course), the Driver Sim Training/Physical/Mental Fitness Facility and the 3 acre Work Ethics Agricultural(Berry farm) self sufficient funding area.   

Racing Dreamz needs to sell 50 of these mini SxS's to be able to purchase this property.  The profit margin is slim so, if you can, please help.  To purchase one of these fun little racers, please visit our webpage, www.racingdreamz.org, click on the "Donate" page, then click on the "Donate" button.  This will take you to our official Racing Dreamz PayPal account page.  Fill out the needed information and when you get to the "Comments/Notes" section, be sure to fill this in with the word, "Cooter" to receive your freebies.  A certificate will be sent seperately with your order/kart for you to redeem your free track days and entry fee's.  Must be presented at entry to track. 

Also, along with your purchase, you will receive a Tax Exemption for $500 toward your next years IRS  Tax Filing.  So with this, basically, you are paying wholesale for this kart.  You won't find a better deal anywhere than this. 

For a complete 'spec' list on this great little kart, visit our website and look for the picture of this kart.  I'll have it up soon.

Remember, Kandi USA KD-150GKM-2 model, mini SxS, free Racing Dreamz Youth Mini SxS entry fee's, monthly track day free and a tax exemption for $500.  Plus, you will be helping Racing Dreamz build it's mission to help disadvantaged and special needs children live their dream.  All for just $2,250.
General Discussion / Video Challenge
September 15, 2012, 05:51:45 AM
Racing Dreamz has been given an opportunity of a lifetime. The TORC off road racing series has invited Racing Dreamz to submit a TV quality 60 second commercial. They will play this commercial several times during their last race of the season. This race will be the biggest in history. The Rick Huseman Memorial Cup race. This is where that BOTH, TORC racers AND Lucas Oil off road series racers, will be on the same track to honor Rick and Jeff Huseman, who died in a plane crash last year. This race will be live streamed to millions of off road and racing fans world wide the weekend of September 29-30.
However, we do not have a 60 second commercial. So, here's our challenge. We know there are a plethura of very talented video producers here on this forum. If you can produce a TV quality 60 second commercial for Racing Dreamz, the winner will have their work aired during this race weekend. All weekend. You make put your credits on the video. If you are interested in doing this, and I apologize for the rush, please email me for more information and the general idea of the video. As I said, this is an opportunity of a lifetime for both of us. You as a video producer and us, Racing Dreamz, as a young non profit organization that helps disadvantaged kids thru racing. I hope you will take this challenge. Thank you.

Email for more info at: info@racingdreamz.org

Just got the word from the Carter County Car Club. The 1st Annual Racing Dreamz Benefit Concert is a GO!!!! It's set for September 22, 2012. This is a Free concert, however, tickets will be sold for a gourmet BBQ plate dinner and a chance to win prizes of racing memoriabilia from Nascar, Indy Car, IMSA and off road racing. Each ticket holder will be entered into the drawings. Music will be provided by Grits from Dumplin Valley and CUZ. Mr. Leo Schmied and Mark Havely of Grits and Tim Steed and Steve Owen of CUZ will give us the best damn concert ever. So, stay tuned for more information. We are open to contributions to help us raise funding to put this on. If you want to purchase tickets, blocks of tickets, donate anything, please, give us a call at 423-297-7210 or email us at info@racingdreamz.org. Looking forward to seeing you there in downtown Elizabethton, Tenn. :)
The photo attached is downtown, yellow is the stage area, white, car show and spectator area.
Here is a better image of the 95 acre property that Racing Dreamz is raising funds to purchase. 
The property will house the Racing Dreamz non profit organization complex.  From the corporate office, simulated racing facility to the William Ross Off Road Program and the Todd Murray Sprint Kart Program. 
The off road track will consist of 45+ acres of mini UTV/buggy rally type trails and short course tracks.   Longest course will be over 2 miles and shortest will be 1/2 mile. 
The asphalt paved sprint track will be 1 mile in length that can be diverted to 2 smaller tracks on 30 acres.
The Corporate office will house the Simulated Race training facility and will also have elevated platforms for official viewing areas.  Along with this, the Performance Physixx physical fitness and mental focusing training room will be incorporated also. 
There will be 15 acres for parking, picnic area and restroom/showers facilities.
To help sustain the funding of this facility, a 3 acre agricultural area will be developed to grow blueberrys and blackberrys.  The sales from the harvest of these two crops will sustain the yearly upkeep, maintenance and utility funding of the karting facility.
The orange shaded area will be the off road section, white the sprint kart section, yellow, parking, pit, paddock, restrooms and the blue/black the agricultural area.  Red the office and official viewing areas.  There are 3 entrances and an access road will be developed to interconnect all three. 
This property is for sale at this price(we need only $75,000) for a very limited time only.  It is a foreclosed property and the bank is holding it at this price for Racing Dreamz.  However, if we do not raise the funding in a short amount of time(a few months), it will not be available to us again.  And with the rising cost of land at todays prices, this opportunity will not come again.  So, if you can help in any way, contribute even just a little, your contribution is tax exempt and will go for this wonderful cause.  A special bank savings account has been established for holding of the funds for this property.  You can contact the Northeast Community Credit Union in Elizabethton, Tn. to transfer funds to Racing Dreamz for this property, go to the Racing Dreamz website, www.racingdreamz.org/Donate, to donate via PayPal or send a check to us, addressed to Racing Dreamz, at: 115 Tester Rd., Elizabethton, Tn. 37643.  Any amount will be greatly appreciated. 
Please help us, help the special needs children in this tri state Appalachian region to live their dream of being a part of motorsports.  There is no feeling like giving a smile to a child who needs your help.
General Discussion / Cars 4 Causes
June 08, 2012, 01:15:40 AM
GREAT NEWS!!!! Racing Dreamz has partnered with the non profit organization, Cars-4-Causes. Please visit their website, Cars For Causes | Cars 4 Causes and "Like" their Facebook page. Also, we'll be placing a special link on our website for them. If you or anyone you know that has a vehicle, RV, boat, anything like that, even ATV, motorcycles, etc., that would like to be donated in Racing Dreamz name, give them a call. They do all the leg work and Racing Dreamz gets the money after it's sold at auction. Doesnt matter what kind of shape it's in. So, please visit their website and if you have an old junker or vehicle you dont use anymore, Donate it. Thanks and look for the logo and link tomorrow on www.racingdreamz.org.

If there's any auto dealers here that take in any trade ins that they think they cant make any money off from, donate it and get a tax exemption for it. You cant loose.
To our friends and supporters,

Yep, it's time for the End of Spring Newsletter.  Where has the time gone.  So many things that has happened this spring, so many things getting ready to happen this summer.  And of course, we want to share them with our friends, supporters and fans.  So first, let me express our deep gratitude for your support.  We know in our hearts that you are behind us 110%.  Now, our wallets, tell us someting else.  But we all know and realize how this economy is and we do not begrudge anyone.  :)  Please notice the "smiley face".  LOL...  Seriously, we do appreciate all your support. 

Now, on with the news.  I guess the biggest news right now is the fact that we have grown so much that we have had to find other office space and other facilities.  A big thanks to Avalon Computers in downtown Elizabethton, Tn., for offering us their upstairs.  Effective, July 1, Racing Dreamz will have a large office and a private "Racing Simulation Room"  Avalon are building our computers, at a much reduced cost, so that we are able to get the sim training going.  We plan on building a custom sim rig with a complete 12 feet surround display.  This will have 3 seperate 42" wide display screens.  We plan on having either 3, 3D ready projectors or 1, 3D projector using the Warpalizer software.  We also plan on building the sim to have motion actuators.  Hopefully, we can afford that so it will give a much more realistic experience.  With the surround display and motion, the only thing missing will be the actual G force in the driving experience.  We feel this will give the Racing Dreamz kids a large step up on the competition.   And we'd like to thank Mr. Joseph Roque and Mr. Nick Black for building a custom, simulated, sprint kart track, exclusively for Racing Dreamz.  This unique track will be raced on the Kart Racing Pro simulation and is very challenging.  When the kids master this track, they will be ready to race, in real karts, anywhere and against, anyone.  So, BIG thanks to Joe and Nick.  :)

We also would like to announce that UTV Rally Raid(www.utvrr.com) has begun planning their Youth class for us to be included.  This is a great opportunity for us and the thousands of young people racing now.  This is a venue specifically for families that dont want to see their kids mamed in motorcycle or ATV accidents in racing.  The UTV Youth class will be UTV's, side x sides, and buggys.  All with safe roll cages and harness's to keep the kids safe.  This is what it's all about folks.  Seeing the kids, smile and laugh, even if they crash, because they will not be hurt.  A big thanks to Jason and the UTVRR gang for building the youth class. 

I'd like to also invite, not just announce to, everyone to come to the weekly Carter County Car Club car show event in downtown Elizabethton, Tn.  Where they close the streets and allow people with custom cars, trucks, hot rods, unique vehicles and people like us, to show the world what they got.  We even parked and showed our 95 Nissan XE pickup.  Yes, we washed it.  :)  This is the truck my father got for his 35th anniversary at his job.  He's taken very good care of it and he sold it to us.  In the two years we've had it, we've also taken very good care of it.  But the main story here is that we are setting out a racing simulator outside(on the sidewalk) and in front of our new office and Avalon Computers.  The last two weeks there, more and more interest is building and this coming week, we plan on seeing a great many people lining up to try their driving skills on the Playseat/Logitech, Racing Dreamz simulator.  Of course, donations are accepted and appreciated.  Last week, I even taught a 7 yr old girl how to drive the Baja Bug and she did a few laps around Daytona in a 750 HP Imapala Nascar COT.  And she did it at speed.  She couldnt reach the foot controls(I did that for her), but she tooks the turns at 150+ MPH.   So, it's a blast   Come on out and we'll set up a 5 lap race against the Artificial Intelligience system.  The computer learns from your mistakes.  :) 

Aside from the sim racing downtown, meeting a slew of new people, we have been on the search for property.  The property we've been searching for is to build and house the Racing Dreamz tracks.   We were looking at some in Johnson County but those are not going to work out.   So we started elsewhere.  A tract of land in SW Virginia looked promising, but it has Right of Way issues.  So, that's out.  Another property to build the Sprint track on, was a HUD property.  We tried to see how that would go, but if you know anything about HUD and the government, you know it's a total mess trying to get anything done.  Besides, the house needed ALOT of work.  We thought about housing the office there.  But after we learned of the downtown location, we felt this would be a much better fit.   But, that still left us without track property.  A few years back, I learned about a 95 acre tract inside the city limits of Elizabethton that was a foreclosure.  It was going to be a low income housing at one time, but that fell thru and the bank foreclosed on it.  Being the curious person I am, I called the bank about it.  Actually a few times.  We talked a great deal about Racing Dreamz, our goals, our hopes  and how this 95 acres would be, actually, perfect, for Racing Dreamz.  Listing price was $300K.  Today, they told us, they would take, $150K, for it, exclusively, from Racing Dreamz.  Imagine, 95 prime acreage, for just $150,000.  And like the TV commercials say, "But WAIT!!! There's more!!", there is more.  A timber company has expressed a GREAT interest in the timber that is on the property.  It is mostly wooded.  Cant have race tracks that have a bunch of trees, can ya?  So, I talked with the timber company.  They will pay, at closing, $75,000.  THAT's HALF of the total money.  So, I had to beg, but we're begging, if anyone knows of an investor, sponsor, brother, dad, sister, grandma, even, that would help us in any way, we will match funding for $75,000.  The property lays perfect for both styles of tracks for our Bill Ross Off Road program and our Todd Murray Sprint kart program.  To make it even sweeter, for the investor, for $75,000 matching, we'll share race track proceeds with them.  Not only do they help a struggling childrens non profit, they get money back.  I have all the paperwork on this property and the 'written' garauntee from the timber company.  So, please share with your friends and family.

This about wraps up our End of Spring newsletter.  Oh, amost forgot.  Since we've gotten our IRS tax exempt, non profit, charity status, we've been searching for grants(other than govt).  We have applied for some, been turned down by a few already due to locations and mission, but we are working on it.  A great thanks to Conni Wells and gang at Axis Group for their help.  They have really stepped up to help us here.  Also thanks to Conni's husband Bob.  He has painted a nice 2x4 ' sign for our new downtown office.  :) 

So, if you're in the area, come down and visit us.  We're at 602 E. Elk Avenue, Elizabethton, Tn.  Upstairs.  We'll even buy you a cup of coffee or a dopesy dola.  A great coffee house, just up the street.  :) 
Thanks for reading and again, a big thanks for your support.  Donna and I, and the Racing Dreamz gang, really appreciates your help.   Please visit our website or give us a call if you want more information on Racing Dreamz. www.racingdreamz.org.  See ya again, at the end of summer when we are planning the 1st Annual Racing Dreamz Benefit Concert.   

Could someone paint a kart, helmet and suit for us.  We want to use this not only as our trainer but we also want to put it on a tshirt that we can sell for fundraising opportunities.  Of course, you'll have to guide me on how to load it into the program(we have beta 5) for us to use.  If anyone could do this for us, email me and I'll send you the logos and colors to use.  If you have a logo of your own that you want to promote, be sure to include it somewhere so you can get the full credit.  Email me at ben@racingdreamz.org.
Thank you.
Maybe not right place to post this, but with Maxrod's and Evo's help, this came to be:

Ok, our meeting with the Johnson County(Tenn) mayor and his Economic Developement Director today went terrific. If the county's environment engineer signs off on the project, the old landfill site will be leased(at a very low cost) to Racing Dreamz. We will build our Sprint Kart track on that. 39 acres. Plenty of room to build a world class sprint track.
Johnson County is ready to purchase an 8600 acre site to have as an off road motorsports park. Racing Dreamz will be in on the ground floor here also. 250 acres will be allocated to Racing Dreamz for our off road track. So, a great day for Racing Dreamz and Johnson County, Tenn. . Plus, they will help Racing Dreamz lease a foreclosed house so we may put our headquarters and simulation training facility there. Looking good for for RD and youth racing.

Racing Dreamz Foundation is a non profit in the U.S. that helps disaffected kids by offering them a better path in life thru kart racing. Currently we are looking at 90 acres to build our compound on. We plan on a sprint track about 1.25 miles long and an off road kart track about 2.25 miles long. We need someone to build our two tracks, virtually, then export to rFactor or Kart Racing Pro. I want to make videos of the tracks so we can present them to potential sponsors. Also the person with the land may donate the use of the property. I want to show him, thru rFactor, or Kart Racing Pro, what we would be building. i have the GPS coordinates to the Google Satellite image of property. If anyone could please use us, that would be great. If you are in the U.S., I can send you a receipt for your time and labor and you can use it as a tax write off.
I have tried using Bob's Track Builder and I actually dont have the time to sit down and try to figure it out. I dont expect a whole lot of scenery or anything like that. Just two simple course's, asphalt and dirt, to show sponsors. If anyone can help, please let me know at:
Thank you very much
Ben Jones