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May 26, 2024, 01:41:45 PM


Kart Racing Pro release13e available! :)

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Translations / Finnish
November 10, 2019, 09:03:41 PM
Here is Finnish translation. All kind of feedback is welcome. File is zipped.
Tässä suomenkielinen käännös. Kaikenlainen palaute tervetullutta. Tiedosto on pakattu zipillä.

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Suggestions and wishlist / Training program for drivers
October 27, 2019, 12:48:51 AM
How about such a suggestion for KRP drivers which prepare for competitions or better skills which include prize system or skill rating. This is hard to explain but I think this kind encouraging driver perhaps in real driving too. I think KRP could work drivers' mental manager not only a game which gives tracks to drive endlessly.