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May 20, 2019, 02:21:12 pm


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General Discussion / Why can't do a full race?
August 08, 2018, 12:17:47 pm
I am just going in some key points for drivers in krp servers cause it's impossible to do a race, as most of the time crash in first corner or just can't even rolling start at all.

1. Practice, practice, practice.
First everybody before going for a race should know very well the track and the car, you can't just enter e server and race. To do so you need to practice a lot, and that's the only way you can avoid crashes and be competitive and last a race of 10-20 laps. Otherwise you'll crash someone or yourself and just finish far behind from first lap and than deliberately disconnect.

The race is not a hotlap or just one good lap and you win, the race is being consistent and not crashing through all the race long. There's nothing good on doing like crazy just from the start and in first corner and ruin everything and never finish a race. I tried a lot times and with the best drivers in krp but never managed to do a full race, in most cases crash from the first corner. Please doing a race means finishing it, so no point to overdrive and do a good lap and than go out for a bit and loose more than you could win in 10 laps. and if you're fast and consistent you will win anyway no need to overdrive, if you don't finish the race it doesn't matter if you're fast or not.

3. Leaving room, and passing right.
Yeah, there's no point of defending very hard a corner if someone taken the inside or blocking someone, in most cases you will both go out and ruin everything. If someone taken the inside or you're not sure, you can leave a some space or just keep the line and don't move too much to avoid collision. No one is so fast to resist a sudden move and in sim racing it is impossible, so please follow racing lines and don't move left right like crazy. Also if you're not sure don't go for an overtake make sure the other driver can see you before going for an overtake.

4. Restarting the race
That's a very stupid thing and doesn't help anyone. It doesn't help good driver for doing their races and win some of them or doing some battles, and also doesn't help new drivers learn that a race is mater of finishing it and being careful. So restarting a race just cause someone crashed is stupid.

There's a lot more but for me these are crucial and should be known if we want to finish some races and do some good races, if you see the statistics ranking system you will see that also the best driver have no ranking, that's cause no one has finished a race to be ranked. There's only some 2 people races finished.
I wrote all this cause i think we should all be responsible for our driving so we can have good races and have fun all together. Otherwise it will continue like we are now where we can2even regularly start a race.
Support / Ports forwarding, connection timeout
October 27, 2017, 11:41:52 am

can please anyone explain in detail the ports and dedicated server thing. whatever i do i get connection timeout. i see there dedicated servers that has 2-3 players but when i try to join it says connection timeout in some other i can join. very frustrating as there no info of what is the reason.

1. In my router should i forward the same ports of the game to my local ip, or use a different, and if it should different which ports are suggested?

2. in my router and guess in general there are external ad internal ports should they be the same?

3. Does the game needs only the 2 ports 54400 and 54410 or is it a range from 54400 to 54410 as my router asks me to forward a range of ports?

4. is there a difference if the server is in the same machine where the game is running?

please someone explain as good as possible as i think everybody needs it, right now we are forced to play on drivingitalia.net servers only?

Thank you!