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September 23, 2020, 03:53:58 AM


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Topics - Alessandro Ceronetti

Racing / Online Kart Championships Season 8
August 25, 2020, 12:21:55 PM
Are you looking for a league to race in?

Introducing OKC, for the first season ever, we have prizes for Top 5 drivers! Check out our wbesite to find out more about the championship!

Racing / Online Kart Championships
February 24, 2020, 02:20:25 PM
Following a successful 6th Season, OKC comes back in with a new look! Check out our newly designed and up-to-date website! And since you are here, why not join us for Season 7?

Racing / Season 5 Online Kart Championship
October 07, 2019, 04:51:09 PM
Hello everyone.

As some may already know, we are running a championship on Kart Racing Pro, and we are approaching Season 5. We have had a successful 4 seasons so far, and Season 5 looks to be just as successful.

The website still needs updating, but do check it out, and find out more about this championship!

If you would like to take part then register, and you will be directed to further instructions via email as soon as possible!

Hello everyone, get at the discord Karting World Server.

Every month there's new, fun competitions with lots of valuable prizes.

Racing / Online Kart Championships Season 3
April 23, 2019, 06:49:12 PM
Season 3 is coming! Dates and tracks have now been released on our website.

Introducing a few new things to the championship, this season should be the best one yet!

Entries are now open and please REMEMBER to read the rulebook fully before entering to be aware of the changes in regulations.

You can find everything on our website

Racing / Online Kart Championships 2
January 13, 2019, 05:29:40 PM
After the success of season 1, season 2 is coming rapidly! Enter today!


I feel like Kart Racing Pro has gone downhill on a few aspects since the end of the betas... I remember back in Beta14 I think, damage to axel, chassis, steering column aswell as bodywork damage was a thing. I think this should be added back. Also, on the multiplayer experience. As many people will probably agree with me, as soon as you want to race on multiplayer (using pre-final and final or second chance heats etc.) I don't think it's possible to do it without something going wrong. Again, back in the betas, not only people could host sessions without messing around with their internet box, but the racing would also run smoothly. I am not trying to criticise the whole program itself but I wish those few things worked like they once used to. As the things listed have already been achieved before, I don't get why they shouldn't be able to work? Correct me if I'm wrong.

Thanks, I hope most will agree🙂
Racing / Online Kart Championships
September 10, 2018, 07:54:18 PM
Hello people.

After a long period of being off, I decided to organise a championship. To those who are asking, yes it is going to be similar to Ethan's Championship (KRP Champs), but this has a twist.

Visit the website I made for more info!


Thanks to everyone.
Racing / KRPC SEASON 2
May 22, 2018, 12:10:15 AM
To the ones who don't know KRPC it's just a championship with6 races ran in KF3. Interested? Enter the upcoming season to secure a spot in the championship. Simply review our Rules and anything else you need to know before entering the championships.
Racing / Kart Racing Pro Championships
May 20, 2018, 01:42:46 PM

With a lot of complaints about us not being organised enough, a website is up and live right now!   Go and check it out!


Thanks for the advice guys. Now with Season 2 approaching quickly, we can't wait to get this under way.
Please tell us what you think of the website (honestly), so we can improve. Yes, I have based the website off of some ideas of the SKWC website.
We are still working on the mobile version of the website, but fully working for computer!

Thanks :)
Racing / Kart Racing Pro Championship
March 19, 2018, 06:44:04 PM

Me and Ethan Ling are in partnership for this championship to make it as good as possible. This post is an improved version of Ethan's post. A more rounded version of it.

The Championship is a 6 Round Championship that has tracks from all over Europe to test your skills and decide who is the best on Kart Racing Pro. The plan would be that 5 days before the race everyone who is intending to participate to that particular round, will have to send me or Ethan an entry form, just so that we are aware that you are racing and we can make some slight modifications to race layout if needed. The championship will be ran on a KF3 Engine, and on any chassis you like. These are the planned dates of the races:

ROUND 1: Llandow                    (30th March 2018)

ROUND 2: Whilton Mill               (5th April 2018)

ROUND 3: Shennington            (19th April 2018)

ROUND 4: Rye House                (3rd May 2018)

ROUND 5: Genk                         (26th April 2018)

ROUND 6: PF International        (10th May 2018)                                      Links to the track to come soon!

The average race day will run at the following times:*

(GMT) 16:00----Free Practice (25 Minutes)

(GMT) 16:30----Qualifying (12 Minutes)

(GMT) 16:47----Pre-Final (10 Minutes)

(GMT) 17:00----Grand Final (12 Minutes)

*races and session numbers may vary, based on how many people are entered. People will be notified the day before the race day :)

Points system

The points system will constantly be updated, depending on the number of people entered. So far the points are looking like this:

1st Place:  18 Points
2nd Place: 16 Points
3rd Place:  14 Points
4th Place:  12 Points
5th Place:  10 Points
6th Place:  8 Points
7th Place:  6 Points
8th Place:  4 Points
9th Place:  3 Points
10th Place: 2 Points

Points will be awarded in the Pre Final as well. Points to be included in the heats, (if announced so).






Entry list for the championship

N    Name                               Chassis                  Natl.

4    Alessandro Ceronetti          OTK                       Great Britain
11  Cory Hayes                        Lotus Kart              Australia
15  Dani Casas                        Lotus Kart               Spain
22  Joka                                  OTK                       Austria
26  Oscar Pedersen                 OTK                        Sweden
28  Gonzalo Vergara                CRG                        Spain
31  Ethan Ling                         CRG                      Great Britain
33 Kasper Petersson                OTK                        Sweden
44 Aaron Lask                         OTK                        Great Britain
66  Kieran Long                       OTK                       Great Britain
72  Hugo Hernandez               OTK                        Spain
80 Joel Oswick                          t.b.a                     Great Britain
88  Blake                                 CRG                       Great Britain

Please note that championship entries close on the 28th March. Any late entries will be accepted if in low numbers, and remember, keep spreading this championship ;)   Specially made sticker kits may be included in the championship. A Facebook group may also be opened to the people who are doing the championship to keep you constantly updated on results and other things.

Thank you :D

General Discussion / Track conversion on blender...
February 17, 2018, 10:17:43 PM
Hello everyone.

Just before i get Blender, how can i convert the creations that i have made so that they then work on game? I have only just heard of the program and i'm watching several tutorials on youtube on how to make a track before i actually get the program itself.

Thanks :)
General Discussion / People can’t host online?
January 10, 2018, 06:15:20 PM
    Recently after the latest few updates, me and my mates had to go through a complex process and had to play around with our WiFi boxes, in order to host a session on a desired track and engine. Why is this? And why has this been applied?
General Discussion / Online Games
November 16, 2017, 05:30:08 PM
On multiplayer it is not letting my mates join games i host, so we are forced to use open servers...a ny suggestions?
General Discussion / New release
August 07, 2017, 11:50:12 AM
Hey guys. I've been downloading the new krp version and when I try and install it, unlike the other times, my antivirus deletes the file because it reckons the file contains a virus... anyone help? Thanks :)
Engines / New beta 16 release
March 11, 2017, 04:21:10 PM
Hello. What engines is everyone planning to make the new beta 16? Thanks
Support / Bobstrackbuilder
October 17, 2016, 06:52:47 PM
Anyone know how to convert the saved track so it can work on krp?
Racing / World Final
October 04, 2016, 06:58:07 PM
         since the X30 world finals at les mans are coming up next week, i'd like to do an event which then you could use seeded numbers (if in top 10 of the race). A bit like the world finals. The tracks will be chosen by a vote. Even the engine class. I would preferably do the event from 17:00 PM London Time till 19:00 PM still London Time. The race might be taking place between the week of the 18th of October to the 30th of October. If we don't get enough entries by the 18th, classify this event as cancelled. The minimum entries required are 6 people. On the event There will be 30 mins practice, 7 mins quali and then i'll message all the entrants how the race is going to work.  If you would like to enter, please comment the following details:

KRP Name:
Track pref.:
Class pref.:

Link to download the tracks:





Pf International


Skusa Supernats

Engines that can be chosen:

Entry lists will be constantly updated :)

Spaces avaiable: 11
Minimum Spaces Required Left: 2


No.   Entrant Name              Chassis       

54   AyeLmao                       Lotus                 
80   Joel Oswick                   CRG
96   Alessandro Ceronetti    CRG
Track Requests / Les Mans International
September 07, 2016, 09:34:15 AM
Could somebody make the International Les Mans circuit which I would like to give myself an idea of the layout before the 10 of october please.
Bug reports / g27 steering wheel bug
August 26, 2016, 09:53:15 AM
When I downloaded the new Beta15b for Kart Racing Pro, the steering wheel calibrates like it should do, it spins around 420° and calibrates. Now, here is where the problems start. (This behavior that the wheel has is now on every console, on every game that I use) The pedals need pressing for a few seconds to actually make them work properly. The power source light, (the green light on the side of the steering wheel where the H-shaped gearstick is), does not turn on. The buttons where the H-shaped gearstick don't work. What i'm suspecting, and not hoping, is that a bit of the cable is damaged inside so no power comes into the joystick part. I have checked the rubber protection of the cables, and it looks in perfect condition.    Please could somebody help as this is making impossible to play certain games. Thanks! :)