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December 02, 2020, 12:20:20 AM


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Track Editing / Tilbury WIP
December 21, 2014, 11:30:47 AM
I know my question asking if there was any interest in this track didn't get a blaze of post's but none the less, I have pressed on with converting this track from Lasercutter's in rFactor to KRP. I'm treating this as a means of learning, and will eventually model a brand new track.

The base track model at the moment is lasercutter's, but the houses and flats have been completely remodelled, Jims Cabin is added, 3D grass is in, and I'm working on new Tyre walls at the moment. By the time it's finished, it will have been completely remodelled. I will work on it over Christmas a little, and hopefully will be finished March next year. Jan is a busy month workwise for me so won't be able to do any that month.

Just want to thank Max Tadd, as he has supplied the racedata and collision map I'm temporarily using to rapid prototype and test my models (long story). New Race data and collision will of course be remade when I release the track.

If anybody has some photos of the track, in particular the pit area I'd be mighty grateful to see them. I have already seen those from a google image search, and seen videos from youtube but anything offering more angles would be great!

For now, here are some teaser shots...

Track Editing / Any Interest in Tilbury?
November 16, 2014, 08:55:24 PM
As some of you may be aware the kart track at Tilbury closed May 2013, so the only way any of us can race on it again is virtually. This post is to gauge if there is an interest for this track in KRP.

I have only been there a handful of times back in the 1980's. I'd admit there only going there when we pulled up to Rye House, kart on roof rack and discovered it was closed for races, or for some other reasons... of to Tilbury then...

The track exists as a community made effort by Lasercutter for use in rFactor, and looks to be very accurate. If there is a good deal of interest, I would start by converting his track (and will check with him first) over to KRP. Ideally and time permitting, I'd completely rebuild it and make it all as polished and finished as possible.

Iv'e not tried making or converting a course as yet. That said this work is not completely out of my comfort zone. Though out of the game recently I've 10 years professional experience as a 3D artist, predominantly Maya admittedly. Given time though, I'd be confident doing a good job.

Let me know your thoughts.. if you want it done.