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September 24, 2020, 02:25:26 PM


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When I open list of servers (button "World") first time, everything is ok. However, if I do it after exiting a race (for any reason), an attempt to press the sane "World" button results in Connection timeout message.

  • The problem is "healed" only after significant time and does not disappear even if I restart KRP SW.
  • The problem is not eventual, it happens every time.
  • The effect is the same if I exit the race via menu of if KRP SW is crushed.
  • Scenario of the typical SW crush is: Steering wheel (Logitech G27) rotates far right and sticks there with max force; the SW does not respond to anything (even to Ctl-Alt-Del). But such crashes do not happen too often

Does anyone has a similar problem? Is it curable?

Support / How to control G27 wheel?
February 27, 2014, 09:58:30 PM

I try to use Logiteck G27. So far it does not look good. Instead of reasonable feedback force (somehow similar to behaviour of wheel in a real kart or car) I get some weak even torque with eventual hits and jerks. Altering of settings (feedback force, linearity) does not affect the behaviour in a large extent.

The feeling is remotely similar to driving an old lorry with half-broken steering junctions. And, in addition G27 produces some clicks. May be the internal gears are not in good shape? Is there any way to check the devise? May be there is some standard test SW?

Thank you