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February 26, 2020, 03:21:20 pm


Kart Racing Pro release10b available! :)

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Tracks / [Release] Magescq 2014 and Subaru class
August 15, 2014, 01:12:19 pm
Hi there!

Finally, after some issues, the track is finished (there are very tiny details to finish) and you will be able to test it and help if there are problems for the final release :)

The 7hp Subaru on the track. You might think this is a boring kart but it isn't at all! Test it on slower tracks and you will love it:


-I want to thank James Beer for the Subaru skin. He made a great job and I simply changed some decal's colour to match the Magescq's track real Subarus-

Please let me know if you find any kind of bug or problem with the track or the kart. Thank you all.

The link has all the folders you will need to have both the track and the kart (chassis, engine, bodywork and skin)


PD: This track is the same as Magescq made by Aritz years ago, but the real track was reworked with new buildings and more changes. The virtual track was completely made from scratch by the same track builder for us. Thanks.

EDIT: Fixed link