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September 28, 2021, 10:29:12 PM


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Topics - DjFIL

Hello all,

Just got my new SimuCUBE based OSW last week.  Now that I'm happy with my calibration in my other primary simulations (AMS, AC & rF2), looking to test it with KRP really soon.  Anyone else with an OSW and could share their FFB settings in MMos and KRP?

I'll update the thread with my findings when I get a chance to test soon.

Support / Z1 Dashboard
February 22, 2017, 04:43:26 AM
Anyone else use the Z1 Dashboard software with Kart Racing Pro?  Since updating to the latest beta15b, the Z1 Dashboard software isn't recognizing the sim.  I've deleted and readded the plugin, with no change.  Not sure what else to try.  Thanks.
Off-Topic / Assetto Corsa Karts
October 15, 2014, 12:11:31 AM


It's not up to the level of KRP for physics at this time... but I'm really happy to have AI to race against.  Really hope it sees many great kart tracks released.
General Discussion / Favorite Tracks - 2013 Edition!
October 21, 2013, 07:17:31 AM
Just over one year ago I did a thread about "Your Top 3 (non-PiBoSo) KRP Tracks".  It had a great response from the community.  I also think it was really helpful for those who were new to KRP and wanted to find the best community made tracks out there.

This year there is 4 questions.  In late December, I plan to compile a list (and include links to each track's download) of the top favorite tracks.  Please remember these questions (except question 4) are about current tracks that are available for download to the public via the KRP forums.  Please do not include WIPs that you have created and/or may be testing for someone else.

1) See the poll above.  How many downloadable tracks do you have currently installed?

2) List your Top 3 favorite tracks... based on the layout and overall enjoyment of racing.

3) What do you think is the best looking track available for download?  Could be based on textures, models, lighting, etc.

4) Which announced track that is currently in development are you most looking forward to?
Track Editing / Help DjFIL Make A Track...
April 18, 2013, 10:53:20 PM
Thought I'd start a full thread of my own.  Been adding way too much to the end of all the other threads.  If you want me to go back to adding at the end of those threads, just mention it and I will.  I really appreciate all the help I've received so far from LauZzZn, EVO and other KRP Forum members.

To bring everyone up to date on my initial project progress.  3DS Max 2010 is what I'm using, because the plugin to export works, and it doesn't seem all that different to use.  Building the core elements of the track (track surface and the grass surrounding it) went fairly smoothly (did it 3 times for this one track, get quicker each time).  Also after my first export I noticed the scale of the software wasn't set correctly.  So set 3DS Max to Meters (Customize > Units Setup)... and now the track is exported at the correct size (confirmed when drawing the center line around the track in Track Editor).  I'm exporting it early, cause I want to test this layout... and see if it's fun and worth putting more time in to, or if I should work on another layout plan that I have.

So with the export here's my new issue.  When I open the track in Track Editor or Map Viewer... I'm noticing that the Asphalt (Track Surface) section is appearing upside down (is seen only if I view it from under the world, looking up). The grass around it (inside and outside of the track) looks just fine.  Everything looks normal in 3DS Max before I export it.  With LauZzZn's help I'm using correct textures, even the 3D Grass shows in the Map Viewer (seen in my example below).  I've also confirmed in 3DS Max that my objects are titled correctly: TRKASPH01, TRKGRAS01 & TRKGRAS02.  What else can be causing this, and how can it be fixed?

Map Viewer (from above)

Map Viewer (from below)

In Track Editor

In 3DS Max 2010

Other question would be is how do I get the Sky Box to appear when viewing my track in Map Viewer?  I copied the skybox files from another track's folder.  I guess there's a way to activate them, or link it with your map?

More questions later.  Thanks again to everyone for the help.
Off-Topic / iRacing getting karts.
April 12, 2013, 09:56:08 PM
http://members.iracing.com/jforum/posts/list/3185034.page (need to be an iRacing member to view thread)

So... cat is out of the bag.  Karts for iRacing is in "official" development.  I think it will be a while (at least 1 year or more) until we see them in action... but it's interesting to see it's coming to my personal favorite racing simulator.  Now to wait and see how in depth they get with the simulation physics model.

It's not that I don't love KRP, it's tops right now... and I'll keep driving in KRP even after iRacing gets karts (mostly due to the custom tracks).  But the online functionality of iRacing isn't matched by any other racing sim out there... and really look forward to being able to easily and quickly find online competition thru iRacing.
Track Editing / Yas Marina anyone?
March 24, 2013, 06:46:11 PM

Someone posted this on iRacing forums.  Always kind of expected that these extra roads were there for a reason.  Would be awesome if someone could get this layout in KRP.
I just flipped my kart (on a kerb), it looked really funny once I was upside down and the top half of my rider was going thru the ground to the unknown.  I understand in GP Bikes that the riders get ejected off the bikes in crashes... why not in KRP?  Thanks.
General Discussion / F100 won't start?
March 22, 2013, 03:43:38 AM
I can run every kart, except I've never been able to run the F100.  Every time I hop in the F100, the engine is off/dead.  I've tried the starter keys, I've got anti-stall options enabled, but it just won't start up.  Any one else with this problem?  Any ideas why it would be and what I have to do to get it started?  This includes now in Beta 8.

General Discussion / Favorite Kart in KRP?
March 18, 2013, 08:28:06 PM
Didn't find any thread about this, so thought I'd ask... What kart are people are driving most frequently in KRP?  And if you want to comment, why you pick that specific kart (maybe it's the most similar to what you drive in real life)?

I'm always driving the KF1 personally.  I like the power and balance of the kart, it's lots of fun to drive.  I'm personally not a fan of shifter karts.
Support / SoftTH with KRP?
March 13, 2013, 06:16:16 AM
Has anyone got SoftTH working with KRP?  Any tips on how to get it to work?  Which version to use?  Etc?

I've got mismatched monitors currently, but got it working great in iRacing.

I don't have the time to design full tracks.  I do enjoy designing tracks (did lots for CART Precision racing back in its day), and I like making "autocross" layouts in Live For Speed.  Any chance we could see a generic parking lot and an easy object/chalk/layout editor as seen in LFS?  That would be awesome.
Just wondering which downloadable tracks top everyone's favorites list.

My 3 so far...

Amsterdam Indoor
Joigny (Made In Kart)

Bonus Question: Favorite PiBoSo Track
Mine is Essay (Full Layout)
Track Editing / Bumpy Tracks
July 27, 2012, 11:18:07 PM
Just noticing some of the track conversions are very bumpy, compared to when played in rFactor.  Like Amay and Goldenport.  Wish the download database had a ratings system on quality.
Is there one currently ready, or any in development?  I would love to display my dash/HUD via my iPhone on my wheel mount.  Love mine for iRacing, and would love one for KRP.  Really excited that I purchased my license today and look forward to getting some downloads.
General Discussion / Fanatec GT3 RS V2 Settings
July 25, 2012, 04:25:52 PM

Just got my new wheel and pedal set.  Can someone help with suggested settings for in-wheel and in-game to get the best experience with KRP?  Thanks!
Plugins / [Request] FanaLEDs Support?
July 24, 2012, 02:10:10 AM
Any chance for a plugin and/or support for FanaLEDs ( http://fanaleds.idrift.nl/ )?

Off-Topic / Kart Racing Pro vs BR Kart (rFactor)...
June 24, 2012, 08:38:05 PM
Just wondering peoples opinions and comparisons between the two.  Or if there's a better rFactor add-on for karting.  I've raced some nice retail karts (75 km/h or so)... but not any professional racing karts... and I'd like to hear some experienced racer opinions.

I'm just finishing upgrading from my ghetto computer now so I'll be able to run new games properly (KRP only saw 15-20 FPS on lowest settings; BR Kart averaged 30 FPS and was very playable and enjoyable).  I really like what I'm seeing with they dynamic racing line (marbles, drying from wet, etc) in the latest KRP updates... but lack of AI is a big hold back and may stop my license purchase.  I still plan to give the demo a try when I get my new system fully running later this week.
Suggestions and wishlist / Track Editor
March 17, 2011, 05:47:22 AM
Easy to use (for everyone) track editor.  Something similar to what is seen in Live For Speed and the built in autocross editor.  It doesn't need to be very detailed.  Just give us a large empty parking lot (or empty indoor warehouse, etc).  Than the user can place barriers (plastic baricades, haybails, tyres, cones, etc) to create a track.  Than end it with placing simple check points (finish, time traps, etc).  And if you add AI in future versions, the editor would just need the option to draw the optimial racing line.

This is a dream suggestion... but it'd make the game have loads of user created content and give great depth.
I've been away from PC gaming for years, sticking excusively to consoles... mostly due to cost and convenice.  In the up coming 9-12 months I plan to get back in to PC gaming with a serious 3 screen setup (seeing a friend's setup made me envious).  Seeing this game makes me very excited to get back in to PC gaming.  I've been wanting a good karting simulation for a long time, since Midas' Super 1 Karting.  I currently use a Macbook as my daily user (also for club DJing).  I also have a cheeply put together ($420) computer that I use normally as a torrent downloading and video streaming (to my Xbox 360) system, normally I don't even have a monitor hooked up to it.

I just borrowed a (17" LCD) monitor, and got a cheap (HK knock-off that works) Xbox 360 Wireless adapter.  The adapter works just fine with my Microsoft Xbox 360 FFB Wheel... only disapointment is no FFB support, and Gas/Brake is sharing an axis.  Again this system isn't really designed for gaming, and doesn't even have expansion ability to add a video card.  It is running Windows 7 on a Shuttle K48 (GMA 950 Graphics) w/ an Intel E5200 (Dual-Core @ 2.5GHz) and 2GB RAM (224MB assigned to video).  I wasn't excepting much for graphical power, but I've been trying out some of my older titles with decient results.  But with Kart Racing Pro I was hoping it'd get a bit more.

All games are set to minimum graphical options at 800x600x16bit. (LFS did have a few settings not at minimum)

Live for Speed (S1 Licence Unlocked, version Z28)... 30-70 FPS (depending if solo lapping, or with up to 3 AI)

Richard Burns Rally (version 1.02)... 30-40 FPS

Kart Racing Pro (beta 2)... 15-30 FPS

It was still fun, even though frame rate makes it barely playable.  It's unfortunate that I can't get a real taste of it before my new system purchase coming at the end of the year.  Was hoping with the low graphical levels (comparable visuals to the other games at similar settings) that I get a 25-30FPS rate.  Overall I do see my self purchasing a licence once I have my new system, and really look forward to getting on the track.