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For those interested in competing in the 2016 Edition of the SKWC Tour, feel free to register on our forums and check out our website as well for the upcoming year. We currently have polls going on to decide which engine, raceday format, and schedule we will be using!

For more information please go to http://skwcracing.proboards.com/ or http://skwcracing.wix.com/home
For the 6th Season of the Sim Karting World Championship, sign ups are now officially open! All Kart Racing Pro drivers are invited to our rookie division, Rotax Mini MAX! Track downloads, engine downloads, paints, and everything else you may ever need to know about the SKWC can be found on our website as well.

Bug reports / Aero Loose behind Karts
February 20, 2015, 11:56:50 PM
Okay, this is just practically laughable at how unrealistic it is. Never have I ever gotten loose or lost grip when behind other karts in a "Draft", or even at such a slow speed where draft was not applicable. This just stupid and makes racing on here even harder without causing crashes, and honestly, it needs to be removed. I have no idea why it was added but I surely hope it was a bug and not a fake sense of realism.

+1 if you agree

X30 Senior Round 4 at Moran Recap
Xander Clements February 1, 2015

As the X30 Challenge returns to the United States, the series comes back to the west coast at the late Moran Raceway Park in Beaumont, California. A former legendary track now revived in the sim has set the benchmark for what looks to be the longest race of the season, and also the most competitive.
Full Press Release: Click here

ALSO: Next season, the SKWC will be hosting an SKWC "Lites" Series, for rookies and new drivers looking to join the league, but not yet try to challenge Corrie Hiatt and Cory Hayes in the Pro division. Teams are already accepting members, so make sure to make an account on our forums and introduce yourself!
SKWC Forums: Click Here
As the Sim Karting World Championship has now concluded its fourth season in its 1.5 year history (wow times flies!), we are once again taking new driver applications. Now while there is no cut off to us not allowing new drivers, it is usually best for new drivers to apply during our short stints of off seasons because then we can test with you first, to make sure your connection and basic driving abilities are capable of racing with the best in the world.

While I've noticed some people have been simply registering for accounts on our website without names, I feel this would be a better way to do get new people. If you would like to race with us and do not yet have an account on our forums, (http://skwcracing.proboards.com/), then register there and either contact me on those forums or as a PM on here. A reply to this thread with the template below would suffice as well, if you are okay giving out your information.

Real Name:
Racing Experience:
KF Junior Round 1 at Suzuka Recap

Xander Clements October 28, 2014

      The Suzuka Kart Track has a deep-running history with the Sim Karting World Championship, even predating the actual league with its predecessor, the Kart Attack Racing Challenge. In fact, the final ever KARC event was held here, with Xander Clements having a breakout win aboard a PCR Super Strillo chassis for Checkered Motorsports. The track showed intense racing then, and proved to hold up to its long-standing past with the SKWC community of drivers by having the closest margin for first in qualifying in SKWC's short-lived history, with Cory Hayes (ItalKart) besting his satellite teammate, Jake Burton (CRG).

      Burton had issues on the start of the prefinal, however, and quickly fell back outside the top five after the first two turns. Hayes broke out to an early lead that would last him to the end of the event, with the assistance of some bad luck for BirelART Motorsport drivers Corrie Hiatt (BirelART) and Michael Avansino (BirelART). This allowed KartSport North America drivers Xander Clements (FA Kart) and Andre Castro (FA Kart) the ability to crack into the Top 3, and solidify that the longest running team in the series was a force to be reckoned with yet again.

      Moving into the final, Hayes once again got out to an early lead. Clements was shuffled back from second all the way to fifth place within the first sector, only being able to maneuver his way back up to fourth by the end of the first lap. This allowed Castro to lock on to Hayes's draft early on, as Hayes began to pull them both away from the field. Michael Avansino again found bad luck while racing early on, ending his day early with a flip onto his backside. This put the nail into the coffin for his chances at victory, and secured Castro's opportunity to break away from the pack. Clements moved his way back up into third, only to make multiple mistakes throughout the event, eventually relinquishing the spot to Corrie Hiatt, and falling back to fifth place behind Phillippe Denes (Tony Kart), who, like Hiatt, suffered from bad luck in the PreFinal. Hiatt would make one mistake all race, clobbering the exit curb from the last turn just a bit too hard, sending him for a spin and giving up his podium spot to Denes. He recovered to hold on to fourth place over Clements, who rounded out the Top 5 with a solid points finish.

Official Results:
1st) Cory Hayes #11 (ItalKart)
2nd) Andre Castro #4 (FA Kart)
3rd) Phillippe Denes #98 (Tony Kart)
4th) Corrie Hiatt #42 (BirelART)
5th) Xander Clements #36 (FA Kart)
6th) Florian Godard #2 (CRG)
7th) Gresham Wagner #5 (FA Kart)
8th) Ian Bushey #37 (ItalKart)
9th) Elliott Budzinski #91 (Tony Kart)
10th) Michael Avansino #44 (BirelART)
11th) Jake Burton #35 (CRG)
12th) Alex Frazer #51 (ART GP)
13th) Matt Keyes #62 (ART GP)

Interested in Joining? Go to http://skwcracing.wix.com/home
In Kart Racing Pro, the basic set for maximum number of karts in your drawing distance is 5. To set the number to KRP's maximum of 12 in total, you need to modify your profile.ini file. This can be found within your profile's folder, as shown in this picture with "Xander Clements".

Next up, you need to open the file "profile", which will either have "profile.ini" for those on Windows XP or lower, or "profile" and configuration settings as the file type for Windows Vista or higher.

Once this has been opened, you need to scroll down to "[net]" and change the connection from "connection=0" to "connection=2", as seen in this picture.

Once this has been done, left-click file and then on the dropdown select save. Once done, close the file.
Bug reports / Multiplayer
November 07, 2013, 04:08:44 AM

On Multiplayer Servers, Kart Racing Pro's drawing distance conks out at 5 karts around you. Sim Karting World Championship is a new series that has over 450 likes on facebook since its inception this past Saturday, with over 12 drivers attending our first testing session. All of us are dedicated Kart Racing Pro members, with numerous new members joining in hopes of competing in this series. We DESPERATELY need this to be fixed before our season starts in December. Please, if this is an update in the netcode or something that could be modified soon, I beg you to amend it.


Xander Clements, a concerned but dedicated Kart Racing Pro Owner.
OFFICIAL Sim Karting World Championship Thread

Background Information: This league is run by Braden Eves (Braden) and Xander Clements. It runs Wednesday and Thursday nights with practice starting at 7 P.M. EDT and EST, (during their according seasons). This is a North American league, so those from other continents may experience some lag. We have plans to run the Mini60 as a Sportsman division, either Rotax Junior or KF3 as our Junior division, and either KZ1 or KF1 as our Senior division. This and other potential race procedures are on a facebook poll that all can vote on if you go to our facebook page (See Bottom). All divisions will be open to everyone, and the league is set to put its first season into action on the first week of December!

TeamSpeak 3 Client: This league uses TeamSpeak 3 Client to communicate during our race nights. It is MANDATORY to be able to race, as we use it to call out positioning on one another such as "left side" and "right side". It is also used as a race control center for admins to call caution flags, restarts, and any penalties during the race. Below is a set of instructions on how to download TeamSpeak 3 Client. You may connect on it through one's smartphone, computer, or tablet.

Step 1: Go to http://www.teamspeak.com/ and hover over the Downloads section on the top menu bar. On the dropdown, select "Teamspeak 3".
Step 2: Make sure to click the download for your device's specifications: Operating System (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, etc.), 32-bit or 64-bit, and then make sure that you are clicking the download for the Client, and not the Server.
Step 3: Check the box for I agree, and then hit submit.
Step 4: Click the button "No thanks, take me to the download".
Step 5: Wait at least one minute for the download to start. If it has still not started by the end of one minute, click the download link on the page.
Step 6: Install teamspeak and set up your buttons to what you want. You may not use voice activation for our races; you have to use Push-To-Talk.
Step 7: Once installed, have a window for Teamspeak 3 Client opened and select "Bookmarks" off the top menu bar, and off the dropdown select "Manage Bookmarks"
Step 8: Click at the top "Add Bookmark", and enter in the server information for the first server below.
Step 9: Repeat step 8 for the second server.

Here are the Servers' Information:

Server 1:
Label: SKWC
Nickname: Enter your first and Last Name Here
Server Password: leave blank - no password

Facebook Page: SimKartingWorldChampionship