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Support / Dedicated server banned list
April 15, 2013, 06:59:03 AM
Sorry for asking again as I am sure this has been covered. How can I implacement a banned user list?
Just a note to say that season 2 of www.realism-racing.com.au is set to get underway starting in Feb 2013. Have  a look at our site and feel free to sign up in the forums if the Australian timezones will work for you. The practice servers are open but the race night servers will be passworded.

We look forward to seeing you on track

PS. The current race dates and times will remain as is but the track list will change. It will be updated on the 23rd Jan.
Media / Realism Racing - KC1 Series
November 06, 2012, 02:38:05 AM
Will be posting the links to the youtube videos of our adventures.
Support / Dedicated Server Performance
October 14, 2012, 12:58:30 PM
We had our recent round of the KC1 series and with a big field 11 karts, there were multiple issues with server lag, laptiming delays and laptimes just not registering. We had restarted the server many times and with the 10+ karts, the performance was lacking and laptiming issues arose again.

I turned off the other servers running (rFactor and netkar and also turned off the murmur server)
The ping rates on the server with <8 karts was under 100 or just over and upload rate was 200-300kbps. When there was 8-9 karts, the ping rates were about 150ish and the upload rate was 700-800kbps. With more than 9 on the server, the ping rates blew out to 250 & 350 + and the upload rate was maxxed out at 800-900kbps.

The RAM usage was good at 480MB from a possible 3GB, the CPU usage with 9 people online was stable at 60-70% but the network system was  maxxing out my 1Mbps upload bandwidth.

I hope this information is usefull for you. If there's anything else I can do, please let me know

Thanks again for a great sim


PS. Server Specs:

- P4 2.8Ghz HT 64bit
- 3Gb DDR-400 RAM
- 1Mbps upload rate
- Windows XP Pro 32 bit.
Racing / Realism Racing - KC1 Round 2 from Roskilde
August 18, 2012, 03:59:29 AM
Round 2 of our league championship is from Roskilde and should be a great race.

View the league and racing information at www.realism-racing.com.au.

Hope to see you on track

I am holding an event and everyone is welcome to join in. The race is a 100% race distance of Lonato and the more, the merrier.

Hope to see you there

Just wanted to know if anyone is having problems running multiple dedicated server instances on the same computer. I can start the second server but what happens is that the second instance crashes about 10 seconds after it starts. I have not had the need to run multiple instances on the 1 installation but found this by accident when I didn't realise the first instance was still running.

Is it related to both instances using the same ports?


Racing / Aus / New Zealand Championship - Final
June 25, 2012, 04:13:47 PM
We are at the end of the championship and that brings us to Toowoomba for the last race of the season. There will be no password for the final and everyone is welcome to join if they wish. All I ask is that you race clean and race by our rules as laid out in the championship sign up thread.

Thanks and see you on track

Just wondering if the organisers of the other leagues are interested in putting on a sort of world title event. I was thinking like the top 3-5 drivers from each league to compete in a single race on a server that is able to provide a good platform for all the drivers. Would be good to have 20 karts of top drivers. If the server is problematic with 20 karts, maybe a qualifying shootout for the top 15 spots in the final.

Would be great with each region having their own kart or league colors too. We could even make it an annual event

Let me know your thoughts, both from competing and organising point of view.

I'm not really quick enough to compete(even though I am leading the championship) but there is a few quick guys/girls here.
Race Night: 13th June 2012
Start Time: 7.00PM

We are at the penultimate round of the championship and  this round will be a nice cool dry day and a wet track at Villarcayo. With a little luck we can have a good size field and some close racing throughout and tyre choice being a critical decision. Who goes onto slicks at what time will be interesting  8).

As per usual, the server will be up on race night from 5.30 Sydney time and the race meet proper will start at 7.00pm sharp.

Thanks and see you on track

We are onto round 8 of the championship which takes us to Mariambourg and wouldn't you know it, the forcast is for a scorching hot day. Hoping to get back the regular racers this week, after a few of us were unable to compete in the last couple of rounds, and have a great event.

As per ususal, the server will be online from 5.30pm and the race meet proper will start at 7.00pm. The server password will be sent out tomorrow morning.

Thanks and see you on track..............I've had withdrawals and can't wait.

Round 7 takes us to Dijon and it's a wet dreary day. Get in some practice and I hope to see all you there.

As usual, the server will be up from 5.30PM AEST and racing proper will start from 7.00PM. Server password will be sent out on the morning of the event.

See you on track

General Discussion / Windows 8 Customer Preview
April 16, 2012, 01:00:14 AM
I have just installed the Windows 8 Customer preview and I now keep getting errors in kart.exe when trying to run the game. If showing the opening video, you get the kart-racing pro along the bottom of the screen for about 20 secs, then it errors out. If not showing the opening video, only a black screen is visible. I know a few people have it working with the Developer Preview but has anyone got it working with the Customer preview?


Five rounds are down now and we've seen another new addition to the racing ranks. The first of the dynamic tracks went well and round 6 will take us to Bueren. As usual, password will be sent the morning of the event and the server will be online from 5.30pm AEST. (GMT +10). we now have potential fields of 9 racers but one for thing or another means that a few guys have been missing. Can't wait till all the racers can compete together. There's some pretty quick racers here, and of course me bringing up the rear :D.

Thanks and see you on track

General Discussion / KS1 Gearshift
April 12, 2012, 06:51:25 AM
I had my first attempt at running the shifter kart last night and was a little suprised at the shifting ability of the kart. I run with all aids off (I like to have maximum realism) and found that I was continually getting mis-shifts on the upshift unless the RPM was below the engine peak or my foot was off the throttle for about half a second. Meanwhile, under brakes, the downshifting was really easy and there was no need to blip the throttle.

I haven't ever driven a shifter kart but I have ridden motocross for a few years and the gearshift I experienced should be opposite. Upshift should only need a very short lift but downshift should need a fairly hefty blip on the throttle.

If I am wrong, please let me know

Thanks and keep up the great work

General Discussion / Native Linux Version
April 06, 2012, 02:58:01 AM
A while ago there was a short discussion on a native LInux version of Kart Racing Pro. Just curious how this is prograssing (So I can do away with my Windows partition). I did half run the sim previously in Wine but results weren't great.

Has anyone got this running reasonably well with WINE?

Thanks and keep up the great work.
Round 4 is run and congratulations to ArrowJmax4 on his maiden win in the pre-final. Now that Beta 6b is released, it's time to move onto the dynamic surfaces. This should add a new challenge to the setup and make for a more realistic feel.

Round 5 should also see the first race of 2 new racers (who are still seconds ahead of me) and make the mid-pack battle much more entertaining :). Alas, it'll still be lonely up the back for me :D.

Round 5 takes us to Dijon and remember everyone, daylight savings is over so we are back to GMT +10. This should make the guys in the west a little happier, previously it was a pretty early start.

As per usual, the server will be up from 5.30pm and the race proper will commence at 7.00pm. Server password will be sent on the morning of the event.

Thanks and see you on track



Remember Sambo that there's a Pre-Final and a Final. Both on the test night and last nights racing, you disappeared after the pre-final.

Suggestions and wishlist / Server Admin Tools
April 03, 2012, 01:04:25 PM
I've searched the forums for server admin tools amd have been not finding anything. I think it needs a grid edir function if for no other reason than to correct the grid after a server crash or drop out. A clarification or listing of current server functions would also be great. Also, I would like to see tbe replays copied to disc in the time delay between session. I believe.it currently does it only at the end if the event. I may be completely wrong though. (and probably am)



Sorry about the terrible typing. More difficult on the Android phone :)
This is probably a very ordinary idea but how about a mass PM to the forum subscribers when the new Beta is released. I didn't even know it was available till I kept getting time-outs in the server list. Checking back here informed me that the new version was available.

We've had 3 rounds now and finally got a new race winner, two new winners in fact :). Pity about the connection issues MitDawg but well done Phillip and StraightXed. A huge effort from Phillip with the racing finishing at 3am in Vancouver time.

Round 4 takes us to Amsterdam Outdoor but last time I ran on this track, there was framerate issues.  Not severe but rather inconvienient. Please test for yourselves and let me know how you go. If there is too much of an issue, we'll move onto Xplex.

Thanks and see you on track