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April 16, 2021, 04:39:13 AM


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Topics - HornetMaX

Trying to port my plugins to KPR beta15: I'm unable to put strings on screen. Same for quads with sprites (quads without sprites work OK).

Has something changed in fonts ? I'm using a main.fnt taken from an older beta (was working fine up to beta14).
Has something changed for sprites with quads ?

Side question: the main page (kart on stand) background looks weird to me in beta15, is it normal ?
Bug reports / Beta15b joypad bug ?
August 13, 2016, 11:18:31 PM
Hi all, just installed beta15b and have a couple of troubles with the joypad (yeah yeah, I know, joypad for KRP = big no, ...):

  • I want to use my joypad POV to look left/right/back but when I press the POV left, KRP registers it a S (south). No way to get a W (west).
  • Manually editing the controls.txt file I can get the desired W to look left, but once on the kart, pressing the POV left actually looks back (just like pressing the POV down).
Bug reports / Weird forum error
August 11, 2015, 08:19:35 PM
Not a big deal, but recently I get this error very often when I connect to a KRP forum page:

Connection Problems

Sorry, SMF was unable to connect to the database. This may be caused by the server being busy. Please try again later.

A page reload (F5) just solves the thing.

Plugins / Output plugin (not RaceData) pitfall
August 01, 2015, 12:37:29 AM
@Piboso: just realized that in the "classical" output plugin interface (i.e. not the new RaceData stuff) there's a pitfall.

In SPluginsKartSession_t the filed m_iSession has this comment (for KRP):

/* testing: always 0. Race: 1 = practice; 2 = qualify; 3 = pre-final; 4 = final. Challenge: 0 = waiting; 1 = practice; 2 = race */

But there's no way to know in which event type one is (testing, race, challenge).

Notice that for  GPB, MXB and WRS the problem is not there (as the interpretation of the fields does not depend on the event type).

The new racedata stuff handles the thing properly, that's why I noticed :)

@Piboso: times and gaps are passed around as int (in milliseconds), everywhere except in SPluginsRaceClassificationEntry_t (m_fBestLap and m_fGap are float). Nt a big deal, but is there any specific reason for them not to be int ?

Plugins / RaceData stuff in output plugin interface
July 31, 2015, 09:04:20 AM
@Piboso: I've done some very light testing of the new RaceData stuff in the output plugin interface and up to now everything seems OK.

There's one thing that puzzles me a bit: the plugin will receive data (e.g. Classification or Lap times) for all the players connected, but the plugin seems to have no way to know which is the m_iRaceNum of the client the plugin is running into. Am I missing/overlooking something ?

Plugins / Output plugin race data bug ?
July 30, 2015, 10:12:57 PM
I start a testing session and the plugin gets a call of RaceEvent() with _pData->m_iType equal to 1. Isn't it supposed to be 0 in that case ?

@Piboso: a few questions (no rush):

  • SPluginsTrackSegment_t now has a field m_fHeight for each segment. How has it to be interpreted ? Is it the height at the beginning of the segment ? So I have to take the legnth at the end from the next segment and do linear interpolation along the length ?
  • m_iRaceNum: doe sit idnetify each rider ? Meaning, is it unique per rider connected ? Even if two riders with the same race number (in their profile) connect ?
  • SPluginsRaceCommunication_t = ?


is anybody using OpenTrack (https://github.com/opentrack/opentrack) with KRP ?

I'm asking because there's an head tracking device that seems very promising (http://www.edtracker.org.uk/) and it needs OpenTrack to be visible in Piboso's games 9that should support the FreeTrack protocol).

MaxTM is a telemetry tool for GPB, MXB, WRS and KRP: it allows to display graphs of the telemetry data exposed by GPB/MXB/WRS/KRP. It has two main components:
  • A GPB/MXB/WRS/KRP plugin: in charge to generate the telemetry data files.
  • A viewer application: in charge of displaying graphically the telemetry files saved by the plugin.

DOWNLOAD v2.3:  <<-- THIS if for GPB beta19, WRS beta14, KRP rel11 and MXB beta15

Love this stuff and you want to show that ? Have too much money at hand and don't knowe what to do with it ? Donations are welcome  8)
PM me when donations are done, so that I can keep a donors list HERE.

  • Download the archive from the link above and extract it somewhere. Inside the main folder you should have 4 extra folders: one for the plugin(s), one for the viewer and 2 folders with sample data.
  • Take the viewer folder (MaxTM_Viewer-vX.Y) and the 2 sample foders and put them somewhere (Desktop, Documents, wherever you have write rights). DON'T PUT THEM IN Program Files OR SIMILAR. The viewer is a portable app: it does not write anything in the registry, it requires no installation (in the Windows sense) and it won't ask you if you want to install a stupid toolbar.
  • Now run the viewer application (MaxTM_Viewer.exe and check it starts without issues. If it complains for missing dlls, you may need to install:
  • If you want to generate telemetry data from GPB/MXB/WRS/KRP you have to install the plugin: in the plugin folder (MaxTM_Plugin-vX.Y) you have 4 .dlo files (one each for GPB/MXB/WRS/KRP) and a folder named MaXTM_data. Just copy the appropriate .dlo and the MaXTM_data to the GPB/MXB/WRS/KRP plugins folder.
  • Restarting GPB/MXB/WRS/KRP and going to the track you should hear a heartbeat sound each time you start a run: this confirm that the telemetry logging is active.
  • You can also press 'Z' to see is if logging is currently ON or OFF, and CTRL+Z to toggle it ON/OFF. You can change the key in the .ini file of the plugin (MaxTM.ini, in the GPB/MXB/WRS/KRP data folder).
  • Telemetry log data will be saved (2 files per run) in folder MaxTM under GPB/MXB/WRS/KRP data directory (e.g. C:\Users\MaX\Documents\PiBoSo\GP Bikes).

  • The telemetry file can be relatively big if you ride a lot. Remember to clean-up the MaxTM folder from time to time.
  • If you want to disable the plugin (for whichever reason), you simply rename it from .dlo to .dlo.off (or to .pizza) or edit the .ini file of the plugin (MaxTM.ini, in the GPB/MXB/WRS/KRP data folder) and set 'active' to false.

I'll briefly describe the main features here: there is no user manual yet (and maybe there will never be one), but the viewer is not too complicate.
  • The main areas of the main window have tooltips (i.e. little text explanations that appear when you leave the mouse still on them for a while): READ THEM.
  • The main areas of the main window have tooltips (i.e. little text explanations that appear when you leave the mouse still on them for a while): READ THEM (intentional repetition)
  • Seriously, read the tooltips: in particular the ones of the graphs and track map, as they explain how to interact with the graphs using the mouse. I could resume the thing here, but if I do it then you won't read the freakin' tooltips, so I won't do it  :P
  • On most areas a context menu is available: just right-click with the mouse.
  • The worst thing you could do with the viewer is delete some telemetry file: it's not a dangerous app, don't be afraid to try things around.
  • The general idea is:
    • You can open an arbitrary number of telemetry files at the same time. Each telemetry file will appear as a Run containing some Laps.
    • On the left you have the Runs/Laps as seen via the telemetry data, along with their lap times (as seen by the telemetry).
    • On the right (in the panel named Timings you have the same Runs and more or less the same Laps, with more or less the same lap times (as seen by GPB/MXB/WRS/KRP) and their split times.
    • Telemetry lap times come in two flavours: column "Lap Time" is based on GPB/MXB/WRS/KRP timing, column "Lap Time (w)" is based on an external timer which turns out to be more precise (I think it's some sort of bug, but I have no feedback on it from Piboso).
    • The telemetry lap times should more or less match the "official" lap times (the one in the Timings panel). Small errors are normal (up to 0.1-0.2 sec I'd say), larger ones are not.
    • The number of laps between the Runs/Laps panel and the Timings panel may not be identical: typically due to not completed laps, out of pits laps and so on. It's not too hard to see which lap in Runs/Laps corresponds to which lap in Timings.
    • In Runs/Laps you can select up to 4 laps (each one has a specific color): the 1st lap you you select will be the reference lap.
    • On the right you have (by default) one Graphs panel: here you can have the telemetry data plotted. You can have multiple graphs panels.
  • In each graphs panel, using the context menu (right-click), you can:
    • customize the number of graphs (as an N by M grid) and their appearance (axis labels, tick labels).
    • customize the each individual graph: delta plot (see later on), join/mark data points, show/position the legend etc.
    • customize what to plot on each graph on the X and Y axes (the variable on the X axis is the same for all the graphs in the panel)
    • Save the current layout of the graphs panel, so that you can reload it next time.
  • Delta graphs: a delta graph is simply a graph where instead of plotting (let's say) the speed against the position on the track (centerline) of the selected laps, you plot the difference in speed between the 1st selected lap (the reference lap) and the other selected laps. So if you have 4 selecte dlaps, on a normal plot you'll have 4 lines while on a delta plot you'll have 3 lines, each of them being the speed difference between selected lap 1 and selected laps 2, 3 and 4.
  • The viewer app comes with 2 themes: the default "bright" one (almost white background) and a darker one I find very handy at night (did I told you I average 4-5hrs of sleep per day ?).

I'll open another topic to gather your feedback on this: please try to keep this topic clean (just for new versions etc).

Plugins / MaxHUD
May 29, 2014, 10:40:42 PM
Hi all,
this plugin allows to put on screen a variety of widgets as show in the below images.


For install instructions, plugin configuration, changes in versions and so on, please read the .pdf file in the .zip.  PLEASE. READ. IT.

      DOWNLOAD v2.2.3:  <<-- THIS if for GPB beta19, WRS beta14, KRP rel11 and MXB beta15

Love this stuff and you want to show that ? Have too much money at hand and don't knowe what to do with it ? Donations are welcome  8)
PM me when donations are done, so that I can keep a donors list HERE.

IMPORTANT: If you get a warning/error about missing dlls, or if nothing shows up once on track, install: