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Topics - Butzy

Suggestions and wishlist / Multiplayer
January 23, 2012, 10:08:17 AM
Hi all.. it's a lot of time that I play to all sim for pc, and I must admit that this kart racing pro has all it takes to be a top-level simulator, but..
...there is a BIG "BUT".

Every game, good or bad that is it, has a lot of comunity that organize event, championships...ecc ecc...
but the first requested is: to have a very nice multiplayer net-code.

For my simple point of view, I think that now the first important step is to develope now is a Multyplayer for support 20 or 25 drivers on the same sever, without lag and with a good system of collision.
Because with a great net-code, comunity can became big... and a big comunity will be better, more support, more money too for develope the sim.
Sorry for my bad english, but I hope that these my words are taken into account.
Suggestions and wishlist / Rank and Records
November 24, 2011, 02:12:11 PM
What do you think to create a rank like GPLRank?
And put the nation near the name in Stats?
for understand how many italian, uk, greek, etc etc..
Track Editing / Gordona / Parma ITALY
November 24, 2011, 01:26:33 PM
I would ask to someone, because here there is a lot of great modelers, if someone can create this two tracks:

Gordona is a track that i love...
Parma  is an historical italian track.. here there is a famous italian trophy every year called: "trofeo delle industrie".. 41 years that they make this trophy!

PARMA Track:

PARMA Maps position:


GORDONA Maps position:
Suggestions and wishlist / Vintage & Amarcord
November 23, 2011, 11:30:35 PM
I remember when I was child and with my father we always gone to see karting race.
My brother at that time was running with 100 Cadet and then with the 100 National with excellent results at regional and national levels.
Perhaps, as in the driving simulator, I love the vintage races, but how about creating a kart like this in the photo?
100, air cooled, a few adjustments, rubber monomescola ... and so much heart to race!

General Discussion / Give to Caesar what is Caesar's
November 23, 2011, 09:34:47 PM
Sorry for the topic, maybe stupid, but I wanted to congratulate PiBoSo for the great experience that he doing to live with this Pro Kart Racing.
It's definitely at an embryonic stage, but it's simply great!
Thanks PiBoSo!
Support / Big Problem nVidia
November 21, 2011, 09:42:10 PM
I have a big problem on my pc using Kart Racing Pro..
My computer make a black screen and the fan of video card go at maximum speed...so I explain:
I start play in demo mode, in Lonato..all good... I make some laps...and after 5or 6 minutes, cpu fall...
Black screen, and fan at maximu speed..
I see temperature and other..all ok before black screen..
The cpu don't answer to any key...

I have:
-Intel I7
-motherboard Gigabyte GA-PH67-UD3-B3 (bios f6, last version)
- GTX 560
-16gb of ram
-Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

All driver last version...all games go perfect (rfactor, gtr, race 07, Rise of Flight, Arma2....ecc ecc)
only with this game...

I don't know what can be do...