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April 21, 2021, 12:35:37 AM


Kart Racing Pro release12 available! :)

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Topics - nmpcs

I wasn't able to try the new beta 11 until today and I have to say that I loved it.
There are many new things now, but there is one little thing that is bugging me.
When you enter "world", I realised that the "open" claas category is gone and instead of that all categories selected by the host are shown.
I think that is good, except now because the text contains more characters it's overlaps other existing texts making them unreadable.
I suggest that instead of that, only one category would show and at it's right be placed a down arrow for scrolling.
It woudn't overlap anything, we could read everything and it would look better.

So what do you say?
Paints / Members personal paints
July 17, 2013, 08:35:12 PM
I'm always trying to get personal paints so I can see other drivers properly.
My problem is that they are posted everywhere and then I can't seem to find everybody's own paints, so I created this topic for everyone to put links to their personal paints in order to be easier for everybody to get them.

So here is mine with a little update:

it contains kart paints for all karts (including the mini60), driver suit and sk6, sk6_s and bell helmets

Hope to see your own links here ;)
Bug reports / x30 problem in beta 9
June 11, 2013, 10:51:15 AM
I have downloaded the beta 9, but now the x30 doesn't seem to work.
Every time I change my kart to the x30, the game crashes.
I made a clean install and deleted the PiBoSo folder on my documents....
Anyone has that problem or know how to fix it?
dibu, about the KRP racing dedicated servers, here's what I think.
thanks by the way :)

For me it's a little indifferent to have servers with or without quick race.
When I create my own server by the host world option, I always use quick race, because I think that we are trying to make the best laps right from the beggining, and so if we do a really great lap in practice, we still have the qualifying to do and that lap will count for nothing.
On the other hand, I get the practice session, first because people who are not familiar with the track need to start understanding it and it's hard to do it if the 1st session is already the qualifying one, and second because it's a sim game.
So I'll like it wether it's quick race or not.

I'd love to hear what everybody thinks of it :)
General Discussion / wrecking drivers
April 26, 2013, 08:18:00 PM
During the day I entered some races which had the same 3 guys wrecking people.
Be careful of TSM21, azra_28 and sthompson92....
they started to ram people, going the wrong way to try to hit other drivers, hitting people in their pit respawn places and they even stopped side by side at the finish line so we can't pass without crashing.
The last race I was in, we were 10 drivers at Essay... I remember some of the drivers there (they can confirm it too). McBidoulle, Interpid James, AlphaFloor, Jen Arrow, etc.
One of those 3 guys took 4th place in the grid (I believe was TSM21) and when we were beginning the pre-final he started ramming me from behind until I let him pass, then he rammed Intrepid James which broke an axle and when the race began he rammed both McBidoulle and Intrepid James again.
During the race they began with wrong way driving again, etc.
I was the only survivor of the 10 man race (with my kart all broken up) and in the end of all I didn't get any credit for the win due to beiing the single finisher....
So if anybody see one of those guys online, trust me, you need to get'em banned ASAP. You just can't race like that..... :(
General Discussion / KRP kart WAV files
April 24, 2013, 06:20:13 PM
I read that Evo was having some trouble with the sounds of the Yamaha KT100 engine that he was making, so I thought that the original kart WAV files could be used and modelled.
So, there I went to open one of the wav files and I just couldn't.
I don't know a single program that can open those files.
I've tried Windows Media player, VLC player, Audacity, Vegas, etc... and nothing
Do any of you guys know how to open those files?
Paints / nmpcs' personal paint
April 23, 2013, 10:26:12 PM
Hi guys, here's my first paint pack.
Please download it so you can see me online ;)

Contents: kart skin, driver suit, sk6 helmet and sk6_s helmet

Just unzip it to the instalation directory (no files will be overwritten)


Link: http://www.2shared.com/file/gU9kIbdy/nmpcs_kart.html?

Here's my paint for the new BELL helmet
Bug reports / data mismatch on all unofficial tracks
March 22, 2013, 01:50:43 PM
I have a problem with the new beta 8.
Whenever I try to play in an unofficial track I get the error "data mismatch"... any ideas?
Suggestions and wishlist / Body leaning
December 19, 2012, 04:13:39 PM
One of the things that looks unreal is the driver not moving when taking corners.
I would like to have some kind of body leaning and perhaps affecting weight distribution.
Support / A question about rolling starts and lane switch
December 13, 2012, 10:20:42 AM
Yesterday I was racing at Kerpen and I made the best time, so I began the rolling start at the left side.
When I reached the corridors I took the left lane but the red arrow was on the right lane, so I was DQ.
Why would I have to switch lanes if I was put in the left one to start? Is this some kind of bug or am I missing something?
Suggestions and wishlist / new class
December 11, 2012, 10:39:19 AM
I was viewing a poll about who drives real karts and at the time about 16% are not real drivers... I'm thinking they are maybe gamers or rental karters like me.
So why not add another kart category? A rental kart would be nice for those who have only driven that kinds of karts.
Here in Portugal the rentals are like these ones http://cabodomundo.planetaclix.pt/frota2.htm
Those karts have Dino chassis and Honda 270cc engine with 4 strokes and 9hp. I think it would be nice to have them.
So what do you say?
Translations / Portuguese (PT)
December 06, 2012, 12:31:05 PM
Boas, pessoal.
Deixo-vos aqui a tradução para português de Portugal conforme o novo acordo ortográfico.
Se por acaso houver algum erro, avisem :)

Hi guys.
Here´s the portuguese (Portugal) translation with the new ortographic agreement.
If you find any error please tell me :)
Off-Topic / Steering wheel reviews
December 05, 2012, 01:48:50 AM
Guys, I think it would be great to make a review of the wheels that we tested or have, so it might be hepful for other people.
So I'll start with the Trustmaster Ferrari GT experience 3 in 1.

Some features:
|   Rotation   |   Vibration or FFB   |   nr of pedals   |   Pressure sensitive pedals   |   Gear shift   |   Handbrake   |   Compatibility   |
       180º                vibration                    2                                 yes                           paddles               no              PS2, PS3, PC

Overall opinion:
It has a good feeling for a non FFB wheel and seems well constructed.
The pedals although they are made of plastic, look quite resistant and almost cannot be pressed by hand. (the brake is even stiffer).
As for the paddles, the clicks when you shift gears were gone after some use although they still work fine.
The steering wheel comes with a mounting clamp for use on a table.
Off-Topic / Just a curiosity
November 26, 2011, 12:30:35 PM
I was wandering how many people have bought this game that are real pro drivers and who isn't?
I mean for what I've seen so far I'm the only one who has only driven 4 stroke karts.
How far has this game reached?
Support / Virtual networking
November 21, 2011, 09:47:55 PM
Is there any possibility of this game working in a virtual network?
I have a few friends who wanted to play a lan game over the internet and as we're playing with the 3b version (4b lags too much on some computers), we can't access the online servers/games, so virtual networking seemed to be the answer.
We tried Hamachi but it doesn't seem to work.
Will any other kind of this type of programs ever work?
Does someone have the links for the Goldenport and Amsterdam outdoor tracks?
Those in the drivingitalia forum are gone :(