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Support / Can't Run my Screen's Resolution
July 31, 2015, 03:23:22 PM
PiBoSo, I've been having the problem where if I set my resolution in-game to my actual screen's resolution, I cannot access the bottom 1/4 of my screen. My mouse will not go lower. My screen's resolution is 1920x1080p. Any suggestions on how to fix it without running a lower resolution?

Here's what it looks like (that's the lowest the mouse will go):
General Discussion / Attn PiBoSo: Congrats
July 25, 2015, 03:15:08 AM
Did a bit of testing today with the online and I can just say one thing:
DO NOT TOUCH THE NETCODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It appears it was fixed. YAY!!!!!!
With the way it appeared to be, the netcode is greenlight worthy.
However this was with about 4 karts
Track Editing / Long Island Imaginary Raceway
October 06, 2013, 04:29:28 AM
Hey. So I've been trying to work on another track, one that i have drawn in my spare time between schoolwork and racing. The track doesn't exist in real life, but i sure wish it did. Anyway, I need help. When i added height and elevation to the track it winds up like this:

any help would be appreciated
Also when i do the height part, for some reason there appears to be a cliff between parts of the track when there shouldn't
Support / Exporting Problems
September 15, 2013, 07:06:52 AM
Hey PiBoSo, I would like to bring up an issue that me and friend have been experiencing with the plugins in 3ds Max 2012 with the 64 bit exporter.  When trying to export anything, and its hit and miss, the exporter crashes 3ds max. We can't explain further because we don't get an error report. Any help would be appreciated.
Support / Open on Dedicated
September 14, 2013, 01:35:07 AM
PiBoSo, when I try to host a dedicated server under the Open Category, it doesn't allow me or anybody to join the game. It says Data Mismatch. Then I set it up for the any one class and it works. Any help?
Hey guys. This is original content. I am currently updating the model to bring it to KRP V12; The IAME Komet HPV. The links DO NOT REPRESENT the current version. If installed, they will not work.

*****Beta 1 Release
*****Beat 1.1 Release******
*****Beta 2 Release*******
*****Beta 3 Release*******
*****Beta 4 Release*******
*****Beta 4.1 Release*****

***V3.0 RELEASE***


*Please read the Read Me

Beta 1.0
- Engine model
- Works in game.
- Spec Airbox (Freeline Inlet Silencer AL22PS)

Beta 1.1 Released
-Fix: different karts allowed
-Fix: hrc/replay 3d model disappearance

Beta 2 Released
- More accurate engine curve [Done]
- Different Camera names [Next Build]
- Chain added [Next Build, Waiting on Sam Flintham]
- No radiator cover/heating [Done]
- Heating factor changed [Done, but still work to be done]
- Fix: Gearing (changing #of sprockets) [Done]

Beta 3 (Released)
- Camera Names (Done)
- Heating Factor/Cooling Factor (Done)
- Limiting of RPM (Done)
- Breaking point (Done)

Beta 4 (Released)
- Camera Positions/Edit in Names (Done)
- Tempertaure Curve (Done)
- Sounds (Not Possible)
- Chain (V1.0)
- Texture Update (V1.0)
- Lower-end curve fix (Done) [No more push starting/Wheel spazzing]
- Weight 100% accurate to 2013 WKA Regulations (Done)

-Beta 4.1
**(Attention: Please download Beta 4 before installing this update)***
- Curve Update

V1.0 (Released)
- Textures/Model Update
- Chain/Chain Guard Added
- Curve Update

V1.1 (Released)
- Textures/Model Update
- Clutch Update

- Update Curve (No More Seizing due to RPM & Top End fixed)
- Heating Curve Updated and Fixed
- Clutch Update
- Gearing Fixed
- Smoke Effect Added (New)
- Tire Model V1.0 (New)

- Compatible with KRP Release 12.0 B
- New Engine Model
- Update Engine Curve
- Heating Curve Updated
- Clutch Update
- Gearing Fixed
- New Gear/Sprocket Model & Animation
- New Airbox Model & Compatibility with 2 Hole Pill by Raise/DRKarter97 for the Yamaha Super Can Engine
- New Kart Physics Update using Raise/DRKarter97's Physics Overhaul V7.0
- New Pipe Cradle model
- New Replay Camera Angles/Names

Enjoy All!
Hey PiBoSo, can you possibly create the plugins necessary to export tracks in 3ds Max 2013? Im having trouble with the textures showing up when i save the track as a 3ds max 2012 file and try to load it up in 2012 so i can export it. With the 2013 plugins, i could directly export it with the textures i can see in 2013. Can you make this, please?
        Hey guys. For the past couple of weeks I've been racing with a bunch of my friends. We have got a few dedicated servers up and been racing on them fine. Although, we do have some complaints, and they will agree that these things should be fixed before next build or beta. They agree with me that the main problem right now is that there is too much net code. When you sometimes try to make a pass and the guy your passing comes down onto you, instead of rubbing, it shoots you to the grass. I mean, if you do rub hard or dive bomb the guy, it should move them a bit, like a couple of lanes over, not shooting off into the grass. Although, this is not as bad in the Mini 60, it is still there. The other thing that should be fixed for all the karts is the bumb drafting. When you come up softly on the kart in front of you and try to push them, it usually either gets them really loose, you spin them out  or move them out of the way. This NEEDS to be fixed. Another problem is with the starts. One problem is with bigger fields of like 8 or more karts (or less karts), it is impossible to go green without a penalty. This is caused because of the following. There should not be a set speed limit, the leader should control the speed. You can still have the acceleration point as the yellow line, just don't have a set speed. The other thing that has to be done away with is when coming to the grid on the start line is overtaking. This should be done away with because if someone checks up, the other guy will get a overtaking penalty.
       In conclusion, the game is good. Also, the game has the potential to be one of the best games out there, if this stuff is fixed.
Hey guys. I've started working on this track mainly because its my first track and there is not a lot to the track. So if anyone has an opinion, help or suggestions will be gladly appreciated.  8)

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgLgNhoNkH8
Suggestions and wishlist / Weights and Fixed Setups
January 19, 2013, 02:40:19 PM
I don't know whether or not the karts have already have had a weight effect added to them, if not, I think they should. Also, I think we should have a tech inspection after the race to see if any one is set below a minimum weight. I know this is what we do in the US, not sure if everyone else has to make a minimum wieght.
How would u add weights? By having a thing in the garage where you could add wieght to a specific part of the kart (ie: front, top of seat, towards the bottom of the seat, the sides of the seat, or even having filling up the gas to pass the minimum weight). This will also can effect the handleing of the kart, in that u can make it have more understeer or more oversteer.

The next thing I would like to suggest is that when we set up a server, we could have the option of running a fixed setup determined by the server host. This could make the racing a bit more interesting, in that we all have the same setup, but it's up to the driver to drive good, not just the setup
Support / Setup Sharing
December 03, 2012, 10:47:12 PM
I have a problem with my game. For some reason, when I want to send a setup, or receive one, the game does not allow me to do either one. Is there something I have to do, like allow a program through the firewall (which I've already did for the game itself)? Or is there something defective?
Suggestions and wishlist / More Setups Options
April 04, 2012, 03:07:26 AM
Just a suggestion. Personally, I think we need more and less gear choices. This on the game is to limited. Also the air pressure, camber and caster, track width (front and rear), and the toe in and out.
Just curious if anybody could please convert the Michiana Raceway Park track from rFactor? I looked on the conversion topic in the forum, and it didn't work for me (something is wrong with my computer and i dont have 3d max). So i was just curious if somebody could covert it. Heres the link to the track.
http://rfactorcentral.com/detail.cfm?ID=MRP%20Raceway%20Park. And when it is done, could someone either email it to me or post the link where i can get it from.
Thanks, in advance