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August 12, 2020, 12:07:42 PM


Kart Racing Pro release11e available! :)

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Bug reports / I cannot set wheel + Pedal controls
July 20, 2017, 09:27:02 PM
I just installed the game per steam key (works fine) but then I'm not able to properly set up my control devices, being Fanatec V2 Clubsport Wheel and Fanatec USB Elite pedals.
Starting with calibrating the wheel, the wheel works (although after a few attempts since it might be reversed) Then calibrating the pedals, the pedals works but not the wheel anymore?!

Re-calibrating the wheel, wheel works but pedals don't etc, etc

Any suggestions?
Bug reports / Wrong Laptime....!
January 25, 2012, 09:12:57 PM
Tonight I joined a KC3 race at Lonato (forgot the server name) and someting stranges happened with my lap times.

First lap the timing was normal, second lap I did not get any timing information at all, which was strange as I was not off track during this lap.
Thirth Lap then I got a -10 after T1 and ended up with a laptime of 43.342 :o
This launched me to the 1st position in the stats which is NOT correct ???

I saved the game and a quick analysis learns that the T1 split time is obviously wrong.
I think split 2 and 3 are OK, and the real laptime was about 45,8

So look likes a bug in the timing. ???

PiBoSo, I would like to ask you to make a correction in the Lonato KC3 stat

Media / Since B5 close battles are possible
January 08, 2012, 11:38:39 PM
Tonight I had a fantastic FS250 race at Lonato with all great drivers involved.
Had a close battle with PiBoSo and we even touched each other.

Normally this would result in a launch and exit race.
Not in B5 anymore :D

Close racing is now really possible ;D
Obviously there is an option to do data analyzing as this is mentioned as one of the features within KRP.
Is there guideline somewhere available how to use this Option?

Bug reports / Bug in Amsterdam indoor Track since Beta 4?
November 04, 2011, 09:27:40 PM
Hi All,
Last night I drove for the first time since installing B4 on the A'dam indoor track.
Although it was a test session I suffered some lag which strange enough happens on 2 positions on the track each and every lap on exact the same positions.

The first position is about 10m after the start / finish line and the second position is entering the righthander (at the bridge part) after the hairpin.
Especially this one is annoying because the short lag here makes it that you are not able to master the cornering.
So all in all I can not drive anymore on one of my favorites  :'(

My question is if this is indeed a bug or an issue on my computer. Therefore can somebody pleasse do a test if he suffers the same problem?
That would be very helpfull for me in trying to understand the rootcause.

Problem occurs with all karts and during test session and host sessions...

Thank you in advance