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Topics - Slimjim

Track Editing / Suzuka South Course Karting Complex WIP
September 22, 2012, 04:23:59 AM
Here is a lap of Suzuka's Kart track.. still lots of work to do.

link to the track for conversion.

Track Editing / OMC - Oklahoma Motorsports Complex WIP
September 09, 2012, 05:11:26 AM
Here is my 3rd day of work, this track has been very easy, still need main pit building to be built,
and i will add 3D grass around the tires and other parts of the track.  it has both day and night racing at this track in real life.

here are a few pics of my progress.

Track Editing / Kart Barrier mesh for track builders
September 06, 2012, 07:12:52 PM
Here are 2 types of kart barriers that are in rF.
type 1 made by me, and type 2 made by PlickBadger.
they are included in a chain, so you need to separate them to use as singles. 

Track Editing / New Castle Motorsport Park WIP
August 29, 2012, 12:48:04 AM
well i always wanted to make this track.. i started on it 2 years ago, and stopped.
this new version is about 70% finished, i need to add trees, plastic barriers, and other little detailed stuff.
also needs AIW, and cam file.. but it is 100% to scale with all the elevations.

General Discussion / Kart Physics
October 31, 2011, 09:36:04 PM
Well after doing many laps here is what i got to say..
The Kart feels on the heavy side.. you can see in the replay and while driving,
the kart dives forward and backwards, making me think the inertia is set a bit too high.
this will also cause the kart to have snap oversteer, which i have never had in a real kart.
it feels more like a tiny car than a kart... and the steering is numb, the FFB works,
but lack of detailed bumps, and rumble strip vibration, the FFB works fine, but it is just a feeling of weight,
which as i said, it feels on the heavy side.. even with the FFB turned to 20..
on the shifter... even though you need to lift without the help activated, there is lag,
and your shifting is slower than in real life. if you want perfect shifts..
I was able to shift my shifter very fast, I even had people say it sounded like i didn't lift.
graphically, the game looks very nice, and the animation is top notch..
I know this is still in Beta stage, just hopping my comments are not taken wrong, and maybe something to look into in future builds.
Paints / My 1st Skin my real helmet
October 30, 2011, 06:41:16 PM
well it took me a few tries to get everything right
but it's not too hard once you know were everything goes..
the only thing I do not have the little duck tail in the back of my helmet.