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Support / Re: Triple Screen Support
« on: January 10, 2018, 01:30:44 AM »
are u sure your resolutions isnt 5760 x 1080 sounds like you are including the whole monitor not just the screen angle screens. 45 degree is hwere my screens sit (but in i racing in options i have it set as it being at 35 degree angles) even though on my bench at 45 degree in game 35 for monitor angles gives more enclosed feel just that little bit more imo but having said that if it works in other sims it should here really hope that helps ya

i have v2 fanatec wheel v2 pedals and thrustmaster shifter and wheel kinda works really sensitive in calibration but pedals not working get pedals working then wheel wont then it only turns left  and pedals wont work keep going into calibration but each trime i do it uncalibrates or unassigns the previous thing i just did think that this is the game will not support multiple usb ports yet please confirm or not really love my racing and its really frustrating this is only game my rig has issues with

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