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July 19, 2024, 08:34:05 AM


Kart Racing Pro release13e available! :)

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Tracks / Re: Kartodromo Cremona circuit - Beta release
November 19, 2023, 10:33:33 PM
That's very strange, the link used to have all the files in there, some people could download it without any problems, that's a mistery :P will look if I have backup files but don't think so, recently i have cleaned a lot of the hard disk.
Tracks / Re: Kartodromo Cremona circuit - Beta release
November 11, 2023, 01:36:28 PM
Hey guys, thanks to anyone who has downloaded and tried out the track, unfortunately time has been a limiting factor for me and i couldn't progress in the editing of the track, looks like the laptimes don't work (only mini sectors), so i must've done something wrong in the tracked.exe phase, if someone expert enough is willing to fix it for the community, the .map file is avaliable in the google drive folder, if anything else is needed i'll try to provide  :D
Tracks / Re: Kartodromo Cremona circuit - Beta release
February 26, 2023, 12:43:02 PM
Hi all once again, i didn't realise some important files were missing in the drive folder i uploaded, thanks to lxs77 for making me realise! this version should work fine now, i'm looking to improve my texturing skills whenever i have more time avaliable, it won't look so great but at least the proportions are right ^^

Thanks! i am looking more of a round shape as that's what the circuit uses, but there's surely some tips in there that i'll implement when i get back working on the project :D
Tracks / Kartodromo Cremona circuit - Beta release
February 22, 2023, 04:04:25 PM
Hi all, i decided to build up one of the most famous italian kart tracks that hosted one of the rounds of last year's European Championship, it was meant for personal use so the details of the surroundings are not amazing and the tracks looks a bit edgy in the corners, will use more vertexes next time ^^

This is the first release and i couldn't test it much yet so please report any bugs or any irregularities in the track if you find any!

also tips for improvement are always greatly appreciated  ;D

Yep i'm stupid, i found out that i was still on release 8, it was preventing the .amb file to work probably, now works fine! One thing i'd like to ask now that i've created the post, i'm using blender to create the 3d map, but i'm struggling to create realistic kerbs shapes, especially the inside kerbs with a round shape, i've currently came with a rough solution to just create a triangular shape and make it follow the turn, but that doesn't look any good :/ i'm searching for more ideas on how to create a proper one ;D
Hi all, i've recently decided to create a new track for personal use, it isn't intented to be aestetichally good looking, i've invested more time on getting proportions right, i've finished the first beta of the track, however i cannot get it to work, as soon as i try to load the game it crashes, after a few trouble shooting tries, i've identified the problem in the .amb file, however i have 0 clue what that means as i'm doing this with little experience and by following some tutorials. So now i'm stuck like this, one of the tutorials i've followed suggested to change an existing track folder rather than creating a new one, so i'm using the .amb file from lonato, which wasn't an issue for the tutorial, but for me it is, and i don't know how to modify/create a new one, nor i don't know what makes it crash, any help is greatly appreciated! i'll link a drive folder with the track folder i'm trying to load in case it helps.


to see it working after losing my head to it it's very special even though the track needs lots of adjustments ;D

hopefully i'll be able to make it public once it's finished!
the FBX shows there is no material assigned to TRKASPH. Is it as intended?
for the moment yes, i wanted to just test the surface and make it work, but as far as i understood the texture gives some problems? i can't really think of how a texture would make me spawn not in the same place as per without texture haha
yes it works! did you make any changes?
also now that i've tried to load back the track in game that thing doesn't even show up, it directly crashes when i try to drive, and black screen in the menu as always

update: FIXED!! well, kind of, i had to set the pits on the track in order to not fall into the void but at least now i can drive and i know what's wrong :))

thank you really much again!
:-)) Yeah, this is what happens when you drive off the road.

ahh well this was just after i clicked on start so the surface where i spawn is not properly working :o
ok so what have i just seen was very unexpected, can't describe it so i'll just attach it haha
ok so we're making steps forward haha, now it loads but there's only a black screen showing up
It still crashes for me..🤐