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Title: Rain race anyone?
Post by: NOP on May 20, 2012, 11:33:46 PM
It's quite hard to find race in KRP. But i would say it's almost impossible to find someone willing to race in wet. It maybe because jumping into wet track without practice is difficult or maybe i just didn't look hard enough. I don't want to create anything like league just thread where people willing to race can organize themselves. I think simplest way is posting let say 2 days before race, that someone have time and want to race that day. In race day someone can create server and race (i think i could host 4-5 karts)! That way there is time for training and we should get fields bigger than 1 kart.
Also there is much more variety than in dry conditions:
dry to wet (dry track with rain)- this is a bit tricky because transition is a bit choppy (at least on my PC) but in longer races this would be a blast.
wet to dry (wet track no rain) - again with longer practice or qual session it would nicely change track with dry patches in some corners.
wet (wet track and rain) - even in this conditions with couple karts its possible to create short dry lines around track.
We can also specify wind speed, kart type (i would go with KC1 because it have power to spin wheels) and temperature (again colder more fun).