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July 03, 2022, 05:18:24 AM


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KT100s removal

Started by KTaussie, January 14, 2018, 05:15:45 AM

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Hi have a Tony Kart with a KT100s engine on it.
I have tried to remove the engine a few times now.
The mounting bolts under the kart for the engine are stubbon and I cant get them to turn.
I am being careful not to to do any damage.

Has any one had the same issue?
Any suggestions?
Do the allen bolts require a special size allen key / wrench as there seems to be a little play when I try to loosen them with a stadard allen size ( 8mm I think from memory).

Thanks,  :)


January 14, 2018, 08:00:19 AM #1 Last Edit: January 14, 2018, 08:02:06 AM by Raise
This is a forum for a kart racing video game but i can luckily for you answer the question. Youre going to need to crank on the bolts its doubtful to me that they got that tight in any way that would prevent you from just going for it. It would be fairly reasonable to expect a small amount of play in any bolt with any wrench size but if it has a lot of play it may not be the right size