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July 03, 2022, 04:06:08 AM


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Controls setup question

Started by Daveroche, August 31, 2021, 07:53:35 PM

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New user.
Have a simulator with a simucube wheel and analogue throttle and brake, from Kartsim.
On the controller setup page, when I click on steering the sub menu flicks up and disappears.
Have been through the calibration routine.
It's as if one of the controls is constantly working so when I click anything it gets automatically assigned.
Any ideas?


Have you seen the Wheel/Pedal Setup Guide in Steam?

Does your wheel and pedals show up together or separately in the "Controller Profile" dropdown?

It's been a while since I set my system up. G27 and Fanatec CSPV3 pedals. I had to do the config in a specific order or it would just delete my wheel config. Don't remember which I had to do first.

Hope this helps.
To Each Their Own


Thanks for your help.
I followed the steam guide
My rig is very analogue - the brake pedal is connected to a real brake caliper complete with hydraulic fluid and the brake pressure is measured there.
I think maybe the issue I am having is related to the complexity of that kind of stuff.


Hi, that complexity doesn't really matter. If the device can work with rFactor, it can work with KRP. Can you please attach a screenshot of the Calibration window (Settings -> Input tab -> Calibration button)? What can you see there?


You cannot see attachments on this board.


Here are the calibration screenshots. The values are jumping around a lot.


Very short video showing what happens when I click the Steer option.


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Quote from: Daveroche on September 04, 2021, 09:21:59 PMHere are the calibration screenshots. The values are jumping around a lot.

Hi again,

If the values in Calibration window are jumping around, it means the device hasn't been calibrated yet.

To calibrate, select Simucube and rotate the wheel left and right several times. Switch to BU0836-LC and depress the pedals fully 3-4 times. Press OK to close the Calibration and try to assign controls to Steer, Throttle and Brake.

For your reference, I've recorded a short video to illustrate the calibration process for my wheel and pedals.